Raed Albasseet

Chief Environment and Sustainability Officer 

Raed joined TRSDC in 2018 and AMAALA in 2021 bringing in 19 years of industry experience in Environmental Leadership gained during his roles with renowned regional and global entities. He has  a passion for protecting and enhancing the environment, and TRSDC offered an unprecedented opportunity for him to be involved in the sustainable development of one of the most beautiful areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Coming from a Marine and Environmental background, The Red Sea Project and AMAALA spoke to him on an intensely personal level.  

During his tenure with the Red Sea Development Company and now AMAALA, Raed has grown a world class team of professionals whilst pioneering a bespoke environmental governance and management system designed to integrate environmentally sustainable content into our world class development agenda. Highlights include: co-leadership of Saudi Arabia’s largest marine spatial exercise, development of an integrated stakeholder engagement platform, corporate & project based development of educational outreach efforts alignment to internationally recognized global best practices (including equator principles and UN SDG’s), integration of pragmatic solutions to addressing the complexities of ecosystem services within project design, construction and operation, and integration of environmental, social & governance (ESG) commitments. 

Raed obtained a Master’s of Science in Safety and Environmental Administration from the World Maritime University in Sweden which is established within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (a specialized agency of the United Nations) and a Bachelor’s Degree from Solent University in the UK. 

Raed genuinely considers that “organization greatness” is achievable via meaningful engagement and collaboration, by being bold enough to embed innovation and creativity into governance and organizational design and by embracing a personal and team aligned approach to trust and operational excellence across all facets of business. This mindset is at the core of Raed’s ethos, which he believe will not only continue to showcase TRSDC as leaders of truly sustainable development in KSA and the MENA region, but will help showcase what regenerative tourism should look like on the global scale.