Fadi Alaseri

Associate Educational Director 

Fadi Alaseri is an Associate Education Director at The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC). As the company continues to grow and evolve with sustainable development at its heart, Fadi’s focus is on creating and developing life-changing educational opportunities that address the project’s development requirements and future labor market demands. These educational opportunities provide Saudi youth with needed skills, knowledge, and competencies linked with employment opportunities within the project in alignment with institutional and national priorities.

He has more than a decade of work experience as an administrator, advisor, and educator, he successfully managed multiple large-scale projects and programs from concept to completion. Before joining TRSDC, he held multiple positions at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology since 2012. He worked in residential life where he oversaw the University’s student residential community (+1200 students and their families) and successfully implemented a community development plan and for a first time, a Resident Assistants Program aimed to create a living and learning environment for students by improving and supporting student development and leadership, building community, and promoting social life in the student residential area.

Fadi also worked in the graduate service area where he served as an advisor for graduate students and provided overall leadership that led to creating and implementing multiple top-tier graduate services and programs in the students’ center. He played a central role in planning and supporting major University events and programs such as Fall and Spring Orientations, Career Fairs, and Commencement. Before that Fadi served as teacher and advisor at The KAUST School (international baccalaureate) for three years where he Led TKS community service trip to South Africa and participated in the Governance Committee, Accreditation Committee, WEP Steering Committee, and a member of The President’s Task Force for Art and Culture. Prior to that, Fadi worked as a teacher in public and private schools.

He received his Bachelor of Education from Tabuk’s Teacher College, KSA, and his Master of Business Administration from Brock University, Canada. Since 2019/. Fadi has been a doctoral candidate (DBA in Higher Education Management) at the University of Bath, UK and member of the International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM). His research interests are technical and vocational education, sustainability in higher education, skills formation strategies, student development and engagement.